Go mobile with your website

Your website now has to have the ability of being seen on any mobile device. With the growing numbers of people using their mobile device to search the Internet, order services or buy online - you need to be up to date.

You are almost definitely missing out - IF
you don't have a mobile friendly version of your website
and you are almost certainly losing business!


Consider these statistics:

  •   71% of smartphone users search for a product using their phone.
  •   90% of smartphone users TAKE ACTION within 24 hours as a result of a search on their smartphone.
  •   50% of all local searches are done on a smartphone.
  •   The number of people accessing the Internet by smartphone will soon exceed PC users.

The problem is MOST normal websites look terrible on a smartphone or they don't even work.
Is this true of your site?

Do this simple test: Just look at your site on your mobile phone.

If so............isn't it time you got yourself a mobile-friendly version of your website? It's a lot cheaper than you think!




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